Addison Scenterpiece Meltcup Warmer 1615740 by Yankee Candle

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YC ACC 1615740

Official Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Meltcup Warmer - Addison

Adjustable auto-shutoff timer - set it for 3, 6 or 9 hours and go about your day

A rustic yet refined collection, inspired by the organic earthiness of rock and the subtle softness of frosted glass.

A simple, minimalist shape and neutral colour glaze means this Scenterpiece warmer will look just-so no matter where you place it.

Dimensions: 12.8cm x 12.8cm x 12.8cm Weight: 1072g

UK Plug

Scenterpiece MeltCup Warmers release room-filling fragrance for enjoyment in just minutes. Place an Easy MeltCup in the Scenterpiece warmer and turn it on. When you’re ready to change scents, pick up the cool-to-the-touch MeltCup and switch it out for another one.

No wax to touch, no wax to clean.

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